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SellBuyBiz is an independent business brokerage company that provides service to buyers and sellers of small businesses. We focus on small and mid-market businesses having sales of $150,000 to $5,000,000 in a variety of industries. The single most asked question by buyers is what to do next. Sellers want to know what my business is worth, can it be sold and how long will it take. Buyers, even experienced ones, need help to unravel sellers information and work through the maze of questions about business value and the owners role in operations. Individual agents who work for a broker rarely have the experience or knowledge to tailor answers to the difficult questions which arise during a business sale/purchase. The person who signs your listing agreement is the individual that will be the direct contact with the public, so make sure that person has experience selling businesses!

Chuck Pearson; owner and broker, has over 25 years executive business management experience in Sales and Marketing, Operations, Finance and Business Development. After finishing college, he entered the corporate world as a select fast track management trainee and progressed to positions of Vice President Corporate Development and President CEO. During this time he was active in merger & acquisitions and developed the knowledge of how to get it done. Later, Chuck spent ten years brokering small business deals prior to founding SellBuyBiz. His down to earth, straight forward manner provides value to both buyers and sellers. He is a realist as the owner of two small businesses and knows what it takes for a business to profit and flourish. Allow his experience help you!